Almond Milk

I stopped drinking milk a while ago for a number of reasons, mostly because I had no need to drink it. However every now and then a recipe will call for milk or sometimes I would want to have it with my granola, so I switched to almond milk.

I absolutely love the nutty flavour of almond milk and it tastes even better when it is homemade! I was buying it in the supermarket, however it was so hard to find one without all the added extras. So I decided to make my own, this decision did take a while as without owning a food processor or Vita-mix, I thought it was impossible to make! Not so!

Almond Milk

It is so easy to do and I actually just used a small chopping appliance and it worked perfectly. The milk was creamy and tasted so much better than what you buy in the supermarket. Plus what I love about making almond milk is you can do batches to suit your needs, plus you can use the leftover almond meal in recipes (I used it in my granola recipe).

Buon Appetito


Author | The Unprocessed Pantry

1 cup almonds*
2 cups water*

Blender or chopper
glass jar.

*You can make any quantity of almond milk to suit your needs, just keep the ratio of water to almonds to 2:1. This will create a nice creamy milk.

*Because your milk is homemade, it will separate (don't worry!) just give it a good shake and it's fine to use!

Soak the almonds overnight with a tsp salt.

Place in a blender or chopper with the water and whiz on the highest setting for 2 minutes. Strain the mixture with a very fine sieve, cheesecloth or tea towel.

Store in a glass jar in the fridge for up to a week.



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