QuinoaQuinoa is relatively new staple to my pantry. It is technically a seed which is gluten free and high in protein.

I use quinoa mostly in salads and as a substitute for oats and rice. It is easy to cook (similar to rice) and has good quantities of vitamins and minerals.





A great non-animal source of Proteinbuilding block for most of the body’s structures, helps to regulate fluid balance and as antibodies.

A good source of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), which is used in energy metabolism

Another good source of Vitamin B6which helps to make red blood cells.

Quinoa is a great source of Folate, which is used in DNA synthesis and thus important in new cell formation.

Another good non-animal source of Iron, which is necessary for oxygen transportation in the blood and utilisation of energy.

A very good source of Magnesium, which supports bone mineralisation, normal muscle contraction and immune system function.

Also a great source of Phosphorus, it is part of every cell and is important in genetic material.

Another good source of Zinc, which is such an important mineral as it has many functions including: involved in making proteins and genetic material, immune reactions, wound healing, and normal development of the foetus. 


Recipes with Quinoa


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